The last remaining frank lloyd wright
hotel on earth

The Only
remaining frank lloyd
wright hotel
on earth

Discover Wright on the Park, where history and luxury unite in the world's last Frank Lloyd Wright designed hotel. Immerse yourself in the beautifully restored Historic Park Inn Hotel and City National Bank Building, offering unforgettable stays, enriching tours, captivating events, and a one-of-a-kind gift shop. Join us in celebrating Wright's enduring legacy and create lasting memories at this architectural masterpiece.

Our mission is to preserve and maintain this exceptional landmark while providing you with an unforgettable experience highlighting its architectural significance. Join us as we celebrate the enduring legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright and create memories that will last a lifetime.
The photo depicts the skylight room of the Historic Park Inn Hotel, showcasing a cozy lobby area. The room is illuminated by a large, grid-patterned skylight that casts a warm glow onto the space below. Comfortable leather sofas and chairs are arranged around a central coffee table, creating a welcoming sitting area. Wood paneling and trim add to the classic charm of the room, while elegant table lamps and wall-mounted light fixtures provide additional warmth. The décor is consistent with Frank Lloyd Wright’s design aesthetic, featuring geometric lines and natural colors.

This image captures the Mahogany Room next to the original bank offices, featuring dark wood panels and trim that evoke a warm, historical ambiance. Leather furniture, including a long sofa and patterned upholstered chairs, offers comfortable seating. Accent tables with stained glass lamps provide soft lighting, complementing the natural light from the windows. Displays of small items and books add a personal touch to the room, which is finished with an ornate floral carpet, enhancing the stately atmosphere of this well-preserved architectural space.

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The image features a group of people on a walking tour outside the Historic Park Inn Hotel. The group is led by a man identified as Mason City Mayor, gesturing informatively to his audience, which includes an artist and author among the attendees. They appear engaged, standing in front of the hotel’s distinct architectural facade with its decorative windows.
In the image, The Honorable Bill Schickel, who is the Mayor of Mason City, is holding a poster with historical photographs of the Historic Park Inn and City National Bank. His expression is pleasant and he seems to be engaging with an audience, during a tour within the ballroom.
The photo captures Mason City's mayor in the midst of giving a personal guided tour in the Skylight room. He is gesturing expressively to his audience, explaining features of the room or perhaps sharing historical anecdotes. The attendees, seated and standing, are attentive, suggesting an engaging storytelling moment. The Skylight room's interior, with its comfortable furnishings and warm lighting, provides an elegant backdrop for the tour.

Experience the breathtaking world of Frank Lloyd Wright with our distinct tour packages, each showcasing a unique facet of the architectural legend’s vision. Explore the meticulously restored Historic Park Inn Hotel and City National Bank Building or stroll through Mason City’s enchanting Rock Crest-Rock Glen neighborhood and see the largest concentration of Prairie School-style homes in the world.

With each tour, you’ll contribute to preserving these awe-inspiring landmarks while diving deep into the fascinating history of Wright’s work. Take this opportunity to book your tour today!

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Find the perfect gift at our exclusive online shop. We offer a thoughtfully curated collection of Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired keepsakes, home decor, and more. Each item is thoughtfully selected to celebrate the history and legacy of the Historic Park Inn Hotel and City National Bank Building.

With each purchase, you'll contribute to the ongoing maintenance and restoration of the Historic Park Inn Hotel. Our exclusive collection is a perfect memento of your visit or a thoughtful gift for someone special.

In the image, lifestyle Piper is browsing items in the Inkfish-designed gift shop at the Historic Park Inn Hotel. She is reaching for an item on the top shelf amidst a variety of products that appear to be inspired by architectural designs, reflecting the aesthetics of Frank Lloyd Wright. The setting is sophisticated with dark wooden shelving that showcases an array of elegant souvenirs and gifts.
The photo shows a woman in the Historic Park Inn gift shop examining a variety of colorful socks displayed on a rotating rack. The designs on the socks are vibrant and likely inspired by architectural or artistic motifs. The shop has a classic feel with wooden shelves and a selection of decorative items and souvenirs in the background, catering to those appreciating design and artistry.
The photo shows a young woman seated in the Skylight room, deeply engrossed in reading a book that is available for purchase in the gift shop. Next to her are the distinctive Inkfish-designed shopping bags, featuring the logo of "Wright on the Park." The setting exudes a calm atmosphere, with soft lighting from a table lamp contributing to the serene environment suitable for reading and relaxation.